Welcome Center - House Tour

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center and South Gate Ticket House are the only buildings on the property that are not original to the estate. They were added after Bonnet House opened to the public. Restrooms are available in the Welcome Center.

To preserve Bonnet House and its collection and as a courtesy to your fellow visitors, we ask that you follow these guidelines during your visit:

1. Photography is permitted in the house and courtyard area. However, we ask that you not take video in the rooms.

2. The rooms are decorated the way the family left them. All items in the rooms are fragile and over 100 year old parts of the Bonnet House Collection. Please do not touch or lean on furniture and other items in the collection. 

3. Food, and beverages (other than bottled water) are not permitted in the main house. 

4. Smoking is not permitted except in the visitor parking lot.