The Veranda gave the Bartlett’s and their guests the view of the Slough. This body of water was once part of a much larger thriving freshwater lake system that extended for over six miles along the beach. The lovely yellow water lilies were named by the locals “Bonnet Lilies”. The old story goes that the alligators that once inhabited the water, would walk to shore with the lily pads and flowers on their heads, thus the name Bonnet Lily and the name Bonnet House!


The Chickee Bridge was originally built for Evelyn Bartlett by the Seminole people. It connects the Main House to the beach path that leads to the Atlantic Ocean. In the 1930s, State Road A1A was little more than a two-lane country road. The Bartletts would have little trouble crossing it on their daily trips to enjoy their private beach.

This beautiful Veranda is the perfect place for special events like the Bonnet House Music Series, Holiday Magic and Wedding Receptions. At night the Veranda and entire house take on a glowing, magical feel. While the Royal Palm Trees along the water are illuminated, they are also bathed with moonlight and twinkling stars.

Proceed along the Veranda or take some time to sit and enjoy the view. The Bartletts often enjoyed the patio seating area between the Drawing Room’s bay windows.

Leave the Veranda and continue walking to the Shell Museum.