Shell Museum/Orchid House/Bamboo Bar

Shell Museum, Orchid House, Bamboo Bar

You have now arrived at the Shell Museum, Bamboo Bar, and Orchid Display House.  Frederic Bartlett designed this building as a gift to his wife Evelyn. It is a special place devoted to some of her favorite things: orchids, shells and entertaining.

Evelyn collected shells for a period of time, and this spot provided an opportunity to display her most prized finds. While some of the shells were found by the Bartletts, many were purchased.

Evelyn was a passionate orchid grower. While the collection has been augmented over the years, many of the plants you see indeed belonged to Evelyn.

The Bartletts would gather here before dinner to enjoy a cocktail amidst the shells and orchids. The Bonnet House Cocktail or Rangpur Lime Cocktail was served in the Bamboo Bar. The recipe is on display. One of Evelyn’s nephews who lived in Naples, Florida, about a two hour drive away, recalled, “I learned after my first visit to only have one.”

Leave the Shell Museum, and proceed through the large yellow gates to your right and follow the path forward to the Caretaker’s Cottage. Enter the Caretaker’s Cottage through the door under the staircase.