Shell Museum Complex and Caretaker's Cottage

Shell Museum Complex and Caretaker's Cottage

The buildings behind the green garage once housed servant’s quarters. Today, they serve as staff offices.

To your left, close to the Main House, Frederic Bartlett designed a complex of three small rooms and presented it as a gift to his wife Evelyn in the late 1930’s to house some of her favorite things – orchids and seashells – and to provie an intimate place to gather with friends.

The two-story building to your right is the Caretaker’s Cottage. The Caretaker’s Cottage originally consisted of just two rooms. The parlor was downstairs, the bedroom above. A kitchen was unnecessary because meals for the staff were prepared by the cook and served in the Cook’s Pantry in the Main House. Later, an addition was added to provide more living space. Today, this addition is the Museum Shop. 

The Museum Shop is a must see, stocked with wonderful gifts and art from Bonnet House. You can also ask for materials on weddings, special events and upcoming classes. 

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