Music Room

Music Room

Due to its small size and to protect the floor, the music room is closed to self-guided tours. The beautiful Music Room was designed for Helen Birch Bartlett, a musician, published poet and composer. Like the Studio, it was built specifically for artistic pursuits.

The floor painting becomes part of the architecture. It is a tongue-in-cheek kind of faux marble. This floor was the last artwork created by Frederic Bartlett before a debilitating stroke, and his final touch to an otherwise traditional room.

Most of the furnishings were Helen’s including the 1872 signed Steinway square rosewood pianoforte, and the Rococo revival pier mirrors. There are full length mirrors to view them.

The marble bust of the “Mourning Woman” by Giovanni Lombardi, dates to around the mid-19th century, the same time period as the piano, and pier mirrors. Mourning and death were popular subjects among Romantic Victorians.

Go back past the tiger to enter the Veranda through the Sunrise Gate, so named for the sunburst decorative motif above it.