More Coastal Dune Hammock and House of Refuge

More About the Coastal Dune Hammock and House of Refuge

As the path continues north you enter more coastal hammock. The land towards the ocean here once contained a House of Refuge.  Many seamen were “saved” from the waves in the 1800s only to leave their bones forever on the hot sands of the deserted coast. In 1876, five Houses of Refuge were constructed along the coast from Jupiter to Miami to save shipwrecked sailors. They were spaced 25 miles apart and provided beds and supplies for up to 25 people. The position of the station keeper was important. He and his family were on duty 24 hours a day, patrolling the shore in both directions after storms, looking for sailors in need. Paid $400 a year, the keepers had to be of good character, physically sound, proficient as seamen and sufficiently educated to handle the business of the station. House of Refuge Number 4 was once located on this property.