Desert Garden 2

Desert Garden

The Desert Garden – sitting atop this barrier island’s secondary dune – was originally designed by Frederic Bartlett in the 1930s but had been altered over the years and largely destroyed by hurricanes by 2005. It has since been replanted with the help of images from home movies taken by the Bartletts.  Today it looks as it did when Frederic first designed it. 

At the south end of the Desert Garden you will see a little Baobab tree.  It was planted in 1992 when Evelyn Bartlett was over 100 years old.  Baobabs are often called the tree of life because they provide shelter, clothing, food and water for humans and animals in the African savannah. At Walt Disney World, a gigantic Baobab tree is located at the entrance to Animal Kingdom.

When you come to South Gate Gathering Area, turn to your left.